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Seattle Works Day – We’re ready for you! May 29, 2009

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Our t-shirts have arrived, materials are being organized assembled – We can’t wait for next Saturday, June 6th!

New Seattle Works AmeriCorps VISTA Members! May 10, 2009

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Allie and Kym004_edited 

Introducing…Kym and Allie! We are the two new AmeriCorps VISTA members working with Seattle Works for the year. We wanted to reach out to all of you in blog land to let you know we’re excited about becoming part of this awesome community. Here’s a little reading to get to know us better, and we’ll look forward to getting to know you at an upcoming event! *ahem, Seattle Works Day, anyone?!*


About Kym:

Hello everyone out there in Seattle Works Land!  I am the much shorter  of the new Americorps VISTA members working with Seattle Works for the year.  I recently moved to Seattle from Frederick, MD, a medium-sized town about an hour away from Washington, D.C.  The first week I was here it snowed (remember on April 1st?) and I thought – “What am I getting myself into?”  Luckily Seattle has pulled through since then, and I managed to get a pretty good sunburn a few days later because I didn’t think that sunscreen would ever be necessary out here.


Let’s see, I’m trying to think of what would be interesting to share about myself without making it sound too much like a personal ad (although I do enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset…). 

I graduated from Oberlin College in ’07 with degrees in biology and environmental studies, and while I still miss college from time to time, I don’t miss Ohio even a little bit.   I’ve spent the time since I graduated having knee surgery, traveling/working/WWOOFing in Israel, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand, and working a bizarre assortment of jobs at home and abroad ranging from temping in an accounts payable office (deadly) to picking grapes at a vineyard in NZ. 

 I enjoy outdoorsy activities like hiking, biking, and rock-climbing, I play soccer, I am vegetarian, I love to bake(and consume) cookies, I love dancing, especially to bad 80s and 90s pop music, I would love to someday be able to play the guitar even vaguely proficiently but I can just never seem to find the time to practice, and I really miss my dog- a lab/chow mix named Sierra who had to stay on the East Coast with my parents. 

Theme song of the moment is “Let’s Dance” (David Bowie) because I appreciate that in Seattle, as opposed to Frederick, I can go out dancing pretty much any day of the week. 

My favorite color is yellow.

Ummm…any questions?

About Allie:

Hey blog readers…I’m Allie May, the taller of the two newly arrived, blonde VISTA’s. I am from Wisconsin (yes, I like cheese very much, and dairy products in general). After getting my degree in graphic design from Iowa State, my first “real job” was down in Nashville, TN as Art Director for a magazine publisher. Then after two and a half years of 90-degree stickiness, I up and moved to Seattle!

I spent last year on a crew with EarthCorps…an awesome non-profit that creates global community through local environmental service. I planted  trees,  pulled ivy, used power tools, built trails, got rained on a lot, made friends from all over the world, and fell in love with Mt. Rainier.

Now I am excited to be in Seattle for another year as part of the Seattle Works team! I get excited about all kinds of volunteering, and if I didn’t work here I’d definitely become a SW groupie anyway…

Aside from work, I love…hiking in the mountains and jumping in lake Washington…swing dancing every Sunday at Century Ballroom…eating massive amounts of candy and Molly Moon’s salted caramel ice cream…listening to bluegrass and folk music…pretending like I enjoy running…and wearing blue! I wear lots of blue.

See you soon!