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Volunteer Perspective: August Team Works August 25, 2009

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Each month Team Works volunteers focus on a specific community issue. August = education. In addition to volunteer projects, teams were challenged to collect school supplies for Stuff the Bus and to send a childhood school picture.

A number of teams collected items for the cause, and we got one adorable photo: Celeste is on the first row, third from the left.


 And here are some perspectives from team Little Lebowski’s Urban Achievers about their project at Cleveland High School:

“Project Mulch – We mulched plant beds, shoveled mulch and moved mounds of mulch from places that had too much to places that did not. It was hard, physical labour and the end result was real/ visible – very gratifying in every respect.”  -Akshat

“Last Saturday, my volunteer team participated in gardening the Cleveland High School in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. This was by far the most demanding task I have volunteered for. According to Seattle School District coordinator, Gretchen DeDecker, we moved 30 yards of mulch.

The school is a historic building which reminded me of my previous schools in Turkey. Working in the school yard kept taking me back to my childhood when I was in high school; not the working part but the part when I spent the class breaks playing soccer outside the classroom or simply doing everything that I don’t do today. It’s amazing how 10 minute break felt like hours back then.”    -Mehmet Ali

Sound like fun? Registration for the latest round of Team Works opens Wed 8/24!


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