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2010+ strategic planning kicks off at board “mini-retreat” November 11, 2009

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Our 2005.2010 Strategic Plan is getting near the end of its life-span. Time to look forward!

Step #1 = Saturday’s “mini-retreat” – a one day strategy session for our board (plus Alison, Jan and me). The agenda:

1) a thorough review of our 20-year history, to get us grounding in where we’ve been

2) four discussion topics – Millenial Generation, Volunteerism/Giving trends, Seattle demographics and Education as a focus issue area for Seattle Works. With each topic, a sub-group of board members did some reading prior to the retreat, then met with their group to debrief at the retreat and lead a group conversation on the topic.  

3) update of our SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Plus, a little bonding over a long lunch and sharing memories of where we each were in 1989, the year Seattle Works was founded. Kudos to Kathy for bringing her yearbook.

The board will continue to prep for 2010+ Strategic Plan over the next few months, leading up to a full weekend retreat in the spring where we finalizing things.

My conclusion: the board is smart, thoughtful and engaged. We’re in good hands.

– Tara




p.s. to see a full list of our board along with brief video bios, check out


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  1. Maria Crossman Says:

    Love it!!!

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