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Board Retreat March 20, 2010

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The Seattle Works Board of Directors is meeting Board Retreat photothis weekend to work on the 2010-2015 Strategic Plan. We have six new (or relatively new) board members joining us for this work — new faces and perspectives! We’re thinking about the goals and objectives Seattle Works will be tackling over the next half-decade, rethinking and tuning the four current pillars of the work Seattle Works does: Lead, Volunteer, Influence, and Invest. Thank you, Board of Directors for your dedication and hard work!

– Tyler


Welcome VISTA member Bevin Wong! March 4, 2010

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We’ve got a new(ish) VISTA member on board – Bevin! She’s hard at work building better systems to engage volunteers in our organization (things like committees that help Seattle Works run, as opposed to all the fine volunteer opportunities offered through our programs), and will be focusing more on outreach in the months ahead. One of the things that means is that she’ll be the new writer of the Weekly Email.

So check her out!

Hello!! I’m Bevin, (strange name, I know) the newest VISTA here at Seattle Works. I come to you all the way from California; originally from Ventura County, but more recently from the northern part of California. My degree is in mathematics and my original game plan was to be a high school math teacher. During my last year in college I changed routes and instead landed in Sacramento after graduating and worked as a project manager in corporate America for three years. It was wonderful, but it was time to move on … which is why I now find myself in Seattle.

I knew very little about Seattle before signing on with Seattle Works, but I’m always game for a new experience. I was drawn to what Seattle Works does and the impact they have on the community and wanted to be a part of it! My goal at the end of my year of service is to have learned about the nonprofit sector, gained more experience and hopefully develop a career in this field. I have a lot to learn, but I also have a lot to contribute and look forward to this coming year with Seattle Works!

To be consistent with my VISTA counter-parts, my favorite color is red … just something about the automatic excitement the color provides.


And oh, for shame! Our blog has been so, so behind on the news. Bevin actually started here in December. Between my month-long vacation (lovely), Executive Director transition and failure on my part to confirm an intern for winter quarter, our blog (and blog readers) have not been getting the love and attention they deserve.  Apologies and better blogging to come!

– Tara