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Exec Committee Q2 meeting – what are they up to? April 8, 2010

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Nick, Chelsea & Sri. Not pictured Kathy & Sarah. Not present Matt & Corey.

Seattle Works, like all 501c3 nonprofits, has a volunteer Board of Directors leading our organization. And our board, like most nonprofits, has an Executive Committee comprised of officers who guide the board’s work. So what are they up to?

Tonight Exec had its Q2 meeting.  We’re testing out a new model – quarterly rather than monthly meetings, where Exec sets the board meeting agendas for the next quarter. Then we’re utilizing the time that used to be Exec those other two months of the quarter for strategizing and connecting events known as Think+Drinks. February Think+Drink we invited some of our most active volunteers to provide input into our Strategic Plan, March we hosted a thank you event for our most generous donors and shared the results of a survey designed to measure our effectiveness. Good stuff!

It’s been a quarter now with this new schedule, so our first topic of business was assessing how it’s working. The consensus? So far, so good.

We also looked at what’s ahead for the board in the next three months.

April board meeting – Q1 financial and program review, Retreat recap and Strategic Plan next steps, Personal Fundraising Commitments recap and next steps, Seattle Works Day update/go-team-go and check in from our committee chairs.

May Think+Drink – Everyone has been working their tails off and the first Wednesday of the month is Cinco de Mayo, so the plan is margaritas and no agenda (drinking, no thinking?). Besides the fact that we like margaritas, boards who make time to have fun together are often boards who know each other well enough to be able to have candid conversations and make big decisions together. 

May board meeting – almost entirely Strategic Plan working session, with a little pre-Seattle Works Day hurrah! and a check in on board recruitment.

June Think+Drink – tbd

June board meeting – Strategic Plan working session, team building and Executive Director transition planning.

There you have it – your leadership at work.

– Tara

p.s. is this of interest to you? Let me know. I’m happy to start blogging on Exec and the Board (or asking the board to start blogging). Thought I’d test this out to see if it’s information you’d like to recieve…


One Response to “Exec Committee Q2 meeting – what are they up to?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    “Think + Drink” is a funny and great meeting name! LOL!

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