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Friday Funday! June 25, 2010

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Once a month our staff does Friday afternoon fun.  We rotate who gets to plan the staff fun because as it turns out, we all have a different idea of what fun means.  This month was Stephanie’s turn and we started things off with a potluck. 

Warning:  the following pictures may cause some drooling.


Yum!  Later on today, depending on those looming clouds, we’re either canoeing or competing in a board game tournament. 

Happy Friday to all!


Say hello to Casey! June 24, 2010

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They keep telling me we’re going canoeing on Friday… doesn’t everyone know I’m a city girl? Hi! I’m Casey and I was born and raised in Chicago (within city limits, not a suburb an hour away. Sorry, pet peeve!). I’ll be this summer’s DukeEngage intern at Seattle Works and I’m really excited about new experiences and challenges. Yes, even canoeing. I’m a rising junior at Duke University in North Carolina studying English and Education. My goals in life are to write romance novels, be a professor, and live on a very city-like farm in Texas, and my favorite color is pink! I spend a lot of my time tutoring students in the Durham Public School system and preparing them for their End of Grade tests and making sure that learning is still a fun experience for them. The kids really appreciate the help, and I’ve discovered that giving back makes everyone feel good!

I’m super excited about being this summer’s intern because it’s a great opportunity to learn how a non-profit operates and I get to meet new people!  I’ll be working with everyone and helping out however I can, which will give me a great view of all the different aspects of Seattle Works. Plus, I just turned 20 so I fit into the demographic perfectly. I’ve really enjoyed navigating the bus systems through Seattle and exploring what this city has to offer, and I’m determined to look like a native when my eight week stay here is over.


Welcome to Seattle, and Seattle Works Casey.  We’re glad to have your help this summer!


It’s been a month since Seattle Works Day … what’s next? June 22, 2010

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Our white board wall is now clean (Percival will alway live on in our memories), almost all of the extra shirts have been distributed and our office is back a pre-Seattle Works Day organized state.  That’s what a month has done for us – what about you?


 Seattle Works Day Results!

-91.4% of participant survey respondents said they were either somewhat or very  satisfied with SWD

-91.4% would also recommend this event to someone else

-81% were inspired to do more in our community as a result of SWD


We agree!  Those results rock.  Let’s keep it going. 

Here are some options to stay connected with Seattle Works.


Team Works is kicking off tonight and it’s not too late for you to sign up!  Join a team and volunteer with the same group of people one Saturday a month for four months.  Projects start this Saturday:


Hot Projects = one time volunteer opportunities.  These one-time commitments allow you to give back without any long-term obligation.  We have 2-3 projects a week.  Plug in when you can: 


Hands On Leadership registration is open now.  Learn about best practices in volunteer engagement, how to develop volunteer projects and grow your understanding of your own leadership capacity.  There are three sessions, starting Tues 6/29:


NWJobs Blog – Corps values: Service organizations give college grads a head start June 14, 2010

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Post on public service as a means of gaining skills and experience in a tough job market.

A national unemployment rate of 16.4 percent for people ages 20-24 is leading a growing number of recent college graduates such as Miranto to consider a year or two of service work. They see it as a way to gain skills, learn more about themselves and build relationships, while giving back to the community and earning enough money to get by.


Some of our favorite orgs and folks are mentioned – EarthCorps, Seattle U’s Gayatri Eassey and ED of the WA Commission for National and Community Service Bill Basl.


Ryan rocks our socks off June 11, 2010

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Isn’t that a pretty, flat and far from bulky monitor? 


The reason you’re able to see this fine piece of technology is because Ryan so generously found us a camera and this monitor


Where would we be without you and your awesome ability to find us free stuff Ryan?  Stuck using technology from 1997 … perhaps. 


Two. Four. Six. Eight.  Who do we appreciate? 




Making a Clean Difference! June 7, 2010

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Thanks to our Team Works participants, the Seattle School District and our friends at Bounty we were able to help out three elementary schools over the weekend: Bailey Gatzert, Thurgood Marshall and Brighton. 


We painted a mural at each school:

mural painting       world mural       third mural painting

Cleaned up all the playground equipment.  Graffiti be gone!

 graffiti clean up        Graffiti gone

And even squeezed in some landscaping, yard work and fence painting too. 


Great work everyone!  A special shout out to mother nature for coming through with the sunshine on Saturday.