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It’s been a month since Seattle Works Day … what’s next? June 22, 2010

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Our white board wall is now clean (Percival will alway live on in our memories), almost all of the extra shirts have been distributed and our office is back a pre-Seattle Works Day organized state.  That’s what a month has done for us – what about you?


 Seattle Works Day Results!

-91.4% of participant survey respondents said they were either somewhat or very  satisfied with SWD

-91.4% would also recommend this event to someone else

-81% were inspired to do more in our community as a result of SWD


We agree!  Those results rock.  Let’s keep it going. 

Here are some options to stay connected with Seattle Works.


Team Works is kicking off tonight and it’s not too late for you to sign up!  Join a team and volunteer with the same group of people one Saturday a month for four months.  Projects start this Saturday:


Hot Projects = one time volunteer opportunities.  These one-time commitments allow you to give back without any long-term obligation.  We have 2-3 projects a week.  Plug in when you can: 


Hands On Leadership registration is open now.  Learn about best practices in volunteer engagement, how to develop volunteer projects and grow your understanding of your own leadership capacity.  There are three sessions, starting Tues 6/29:


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