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Say hello to Casey! June 24, 2010

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They keep telling me we’re going canoeing on Friday… doesn’t everyone know I’m a city girl? Hi! I’m Casey and I was born and raised in Chicago (within city limits, not a suburb an hour away. Sorry, pet peeve!). I’ll be this summer’s DukeEngage intern at Seattle Works and I’m really excited about new experiences and challenges. Yes, even canoeing. I’m a rising junior at Duke University in North Carolina studying English and Education. My goals in life are to write romance novels, be a professor, and live on a very city-like farm in Texas, and my favorite color is pink! I spend a lot of my time tutoring students in the Durham Public School system and preparing them for their End of Grade tests and making sure that learning is still a fun experience for them. The kids really appreciate the help, and I’ve discovered that giving back makes everyone feel good!

I’m super excited about being this summer’s intern because it’s a great opportunity to learn how a non-profit operates and I get to meet new people!  I’ll be working with everyone and helping out however I can, which will give me a great view of all the different aspects of Seattle Works. Plus, I just turned 20 so I fit into the demographic perfectly. I’ve really enjoyed navigating the bus systems through Seattle and exploring what this city has to offer, and I’m determined to look like a native when my eight week stay here is over.


Welcome to Seattle, and Seattle Works Casey.  We’re glad to have your help this summer!


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