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What is board speed dating? August 6, 2010

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Another successful session of The Bridge (our dynamic training program that gives participants the basics in nonprofit and government board service) wrapped up last night with a new aspect of the program called board speed dating.  Yep, you read that right: speed dating. 

Board speed dating is a way that we can bring our Board Works ( organizations in to meet with our future Bridge graduates.  It allows the Bridge participants to interact with people currently serving on boards to ask questions, learn about what phase different boards are in, their struggles, their successes, etc.  It also gives our Board Works organizations a chance to meet potential new board members.  That’s definitely a win-win in our minds, and based on what our participants are saying, they agree!


The most valuable part of the course was: “Every part was valuable … especially being able to talk with board members from various nonprofit organizations and finding out what it’s really like to serve on a board.” – Bridge graduate

Proof that we’re developing emerging leaders:  three people there to recruit for new board members/talk about their board service were previous Bridge graduates.  They’re not just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk.

Wanna get in on this? 

Next Bridge course begins Sept 14th.  Sign up now:


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