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“Stress is the result of lack of planning.” -Bob, President of Ivar’s August 19, 2010

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Over 300 emerging leaders gathered together to make connections at Seattle Chamber’s first All Young-Professionals Networking Event last night on the eastside.  There was a panel discussion highlighting local leaders’ journeys to success.  Panelists included Kirk Nelson, Washington President of Qwest Communications; Bob Donegan, President of Ivar’s; Anne Fennessy, Partner at Cocker Fennessy and moderator Christine Chen of Chen Communications.

We got to listen to three very different perspectives and one of the more impactful tidbits was shared by Bob.  If you feel like you’re having a bad day or you’re disliking your job, he suggests spending a day working the garlic fry booth at Qwest or Safeco Fields.  He described (in great detail) the process that those workers go through at the end of a shift.  Let’s just say it involves removing all articles of clothing, plastic bags, cleaner that would burn your skin off and a high possibility of smelling like garlic for longer than you thought possible.

One of the pointers that all three panelists shared was the importance of giving back to your community and the invaluable skills, experience and people you can meet through volunteering. 

We couldn’t agree with them more!


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