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What people are saying about HandsOn Leadership September 28, 2010

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Feelin’ the push to do more?  We sure have! And as a result, we launched HandsOn Leadership.     



It’s a leadership training program that gives you the knowledge and tools to create your own volunteer opportunities in our community. The coursework covers project management, leadership, community engagement and done in a day volunteer project development.  After you learn all about it, you get to create your own large-scale volunteer project!     




The first HandsOn Leadership project was done at Hamlin Robinson School, a place dedicated to meeting the educational, social and emotional needs specific to students with dyslexia and related language difficulties.      

Photos compliments of a Seattle Works volunteer: Jesse Stanley (     


Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:     

“The HandsOn Leadership training was a lot of fun and we learned a lot in the process.  The training was well organized and the trainers/staff were really helpful throughout the whole experience.” – HandsOn Leadership participant     

“Thank you so much for the HandsOn Leadership project with Hamlin Robinson!  I would like to send big compliments from our Board of Trustees.  We had a meeting last night and they were deeply impressed with your work!  I have also heard from our volunteers that were there during the project and they had a blast!” – partner from Hamlin Robinson School

Feel the push. Do something more with HandsOn Leadership.


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