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A Swank story that must be shared October 5, 2010

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 Today’s blog entry is brought to you by some very dedicated Seattle Works volunteers.  Enjoy!

My wife Brooke and I were married in September 2006.  The first thing that’s pretty cool is realizing, while we were dating, that we were both involved with Seattle Works at some point in our young lives — though our paths never actually crossed at that time!! 

Now going back in time to 2005…as we were planning our honeymoon in the course of our engagement, we thought it would be fun to take a cruise of some sort.  Thus we did our research, scoured the travel ads and news for good bargains, etc. Meanwhile were excited about the tickets we held to the grand ol’ SW Emerald City Swank (was it still called that then?) back when it was held in December 2005.  (in those “pre-kid” days, seems like it was SO much easier to have a night away!!)

Now that you’re back in 2005 with me…Brooke and I are sitting at our table at Swank enjoying the wonderful dinner and socializing with our fellow tablemates, when we take a glance at the program and see one of the items at the live auction will be a Holland America cruise for two.  We thought “oh that’s nice…but I’m sure we’d probably be outbid, but hey at least it’s worth a try!”  So when that item came up and the bidding started, I raised our number.  And then the bidding continued, and sure enough I raised our number again.  There was one other individual also bidding too, so it became a friendly competition of sorts.  Well after a few rounds, I think the bidding finally ended…with the other person being the victor.  Brooke and I were thinking oh well, at least we tried. 

Not a moment later, the plot thickens.  The auctioneer then made a surprise announcement that, because our bids were so close, Holland America had decided to throw in a second cruise.  So we BOTH ended up being winners!  Needless to say, Brooke and I were both over-the-moon excited.  This was the top item in the entire auction if I recall…and it was ours!!  We were in simultaneous states of shock/elation/shock/excitement, which continued throughout that joyful evening.  Our honeymoon planning was now complete, thanks to Seattle Works!!

Fast forward then to September 2006.  Following our wonderful Seattle wedding, we embarked on our Holland America honeymoon cruise: 7 days throughout New England and Canada, with stays in Boston and Montreal before/after the cruise.  It was truly a special vacation that we still have fond memories of to this very day — and again we have Seattle Works to thank for all of it!!

So what can I say – SEATTLE WORKS ROCKS!!!!! 

Todd and Brooke Kingston

Thank you for sharing your story Todd & Brooke!  We appreciate your continued love and involvement with Seattle Works and are so glad we had the chance to play a small part in your happiness together.

Maybe you don’t have a honeymoon to plan, but you can still make it a memorable evening.  Join us for Emerald City Swank this year:


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