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A smile – brought to you by our volunteers October 7, 2010

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After a team of our volunteers go out to a project, be it a Hot Project or a Team Works project, we ask them to tell us how it went.  We want to make sure that everyone has a positive volunteer experience and if there are ways to improve the projects we want to know about it!  Here is a response from one of our fantastic volunteers:

North Helpline was AWESOME. I think the whole team really enjoyed the experience, and I know our help was appreciated by Alecia and the rest of the volunteer team there.

We had 100% attendance, along with one of our old teammates joining us for the event.

Alecia did an excellent job getting us in the right places and explaining the importance of their services. I also think the sheer number of people coming through to get food made quite an impression on all of us, and made us realize how fortunate we all are, and how fragile our circumstances can be, especially in “these times.”

Again, another really valuable Seattle Works experience.



 “That’s What She Said” Team Captain


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