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The Right Stuff October 8, 2010

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At the 2008 Swank, I was with my husband, Baron, and Kara, my best friend from junior high and high school. I wasn’t particularly interested in any of the live auction items until I heard these magic words: New Kids on the Block.

I was a major “Blockhead” during my teenage years, and in fact the first concert I ever attended was to see the seminal boy band at the Puyallup Fair. And now NKOTB was touring again, and I had the chance to get VIP tickets to their reunion tour concert–and limo service.

I quickly consulted with Kara, and she said she would go in on the New Kids auction item with me. We agreed on a maximum dollar amount that we would be willing to spend. I didn’t think the bidding would go that high because even though I still love New Kids on the Block, I realize that I’m in a very small minority.

The bidding started, and I raised my bid number high and kept raising it because to my surprise, I was in a heated competition with another woman for the New Kids package! I bid several times and then realized that I had reached the maximum dollar amount Kara and I had agreed on earlier. It was just me and the other woman bidding on the package, and she had the highest bid. I looked at Kara in dismay. I guess there would be no reunion with Jordan, Jon, Joey, Danny and Donnie after all.

Then my husband snatched my bid card out of my hand and raised it high. The other woman didn’t respond with a counter bid which meant the New Kids tickets were mine!

A month later Kara and I went to the New Kids on the Block concert, and when Joey sang, “Please Don’t Go Girl,” I screamed so loud I probably punctured Kara’s ear drum. It was great to feel like I was 13 again. I was carefree, and thoughts of work, a mortgage and other obligations were far far away.

Whether it’s a great bottle of wine, sports memorabilia, spa treatments or a trip down memory lane, Swank is a great way to score great items and experiences. Thank you Seattle Works!

-Madeline Moy, amazing Seattle Works volunteer


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