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Like a good neighbor October 11, 2010

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… Francesca was there.

Project Coordinator, Francesca, led a Hot Project at ElderHealth Northwest’s Gaffney House in Capitol Hill last month.  She learned about the Gaffney House, a supported living home offered by ElderHealth Northwest, an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for frail elders and people with chronic or terminal illnesses and disabilities.

This month, while doing a load of laundry in her building, Francesca ran into an elderly neighbor of hers.  She was friends with these neighbors and knew that the woman had macular degeneration and was taking care of her husband who has been deteriorating with Alzheimer’s lately.  Francesca told her neighbor about the Gaffney House and all the wonderful programs ElderHealth Northwest offered thinking that maybe they could be of help to her neighbor.  At first her neighbor was dismissive and confident that she was having an easy time taking care of her husband while tending to her own health as well. 

Until … 

later that week, Francesca received a thank you letter slipped under her door. It was from the same elderly neighbor. The note explained that she had called The Gaffney House and is considering moving her husband there. She was very grateful to have a considerate neighbor who knew a thing or two about her community. The couple is happy to know that there is a place out there for them that is close by.


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