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Quack Attack October 27, 2010

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We’ve had a lot going on here at Seattle Works for the last few months.  All of us have been running at full tilt and as a result have had to bail on team fun a few times. 

To reward ourselves for a Swank well done and all of our other hard work this quarter, our staff fun this month was to Ride the Ducks! None of our team is from this area (although some have lived her for a long while), and touring Seattle by land and water is not something we’d likely do on our own.  Riding the ducks was educational, silly and quite the adventure.

See how much fun Kathleen and Randi are having?!

O Captain, our Captain was Clem Chowder, isn’t he sweet in his sailor hat?

This photo is upon entrance into Lake Union and he is showing us exactly how fast we’ll be going while in the water.  Yep, that speed fits on one hand.  Watch out people, duck on the loose.

And last but obviously not least, a group shot (minus Tyler and Andy).  Thank you all for the hard work and serious amounts of dedication that you put into Seattle Works each and every day.


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