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For you and you and you and you. November 2, 2010

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You ALL were nominated for a Mayor’s End Hunger Award 2010!

Sitting amongst the greatest hunger fighting forces in all of Seattle, I was struck by how much power our community packs. Seattle Works is part of that.  The Downtown Food Bank nominated Seattle Works volunteers for the Annual End Hunger Award, and in representing Seattle Works we were able to attend a celebration breakfast surrounded by other well-deserving nominees and honorees.

There were organizations like Food Lifeline, Operation Sack Lunch, Rainier Valley Food Bank, Lifelong AIDS Alliance … you name it, if the organization is in the feeding-people-who-are-hungry-business, they were there that morning. And of course, all of you Seattle Works volunteers were mentioned as a group of people who work hard all over the city in addressing needs like hunger.

Thank you for all your hard work. It is, and it continues to be, noticed in this community!



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