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Kickoff and Convo Combined November 4, 2010

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We dealt you a one-two and possibly even three punch Tuesday night.

It started with a Conversation on Public Trust that was led by a facilitator from CityClub.  These conversations are part of CityClub’s Community Matters Campaign – a program that convenes over 10,000 people online and in person to discuss what we can do individually and collectively to overcome barriers and achieve positive results.  A small sampling of some of the questions asked and discussed:

  • Who do you trust to come to your aid in an emergency?
  • If there was an issue in your community that you wanted to take action on, do you know where to start?
  • Where means do you use to gather information?

CityClub will publish a report of their findings from the different conversations that were held all over King County in the coming weeks and we’ll be sure to share it with you. 

Directly following the conversation we kicked-off our winter round of Team Works.  Our kick-off parties are a chance for teams to meet each other, have some fun, learn about the projects they’ll be working on together, hash out a game plan for how to win challenge points, etc. It helps if people get to know each other a little beyond just their name tag, so we put together a quick photo scavenger hunt for the teams. 

Here’s the clue to the first photo we were looking for … which also leads us to our third punch of the night!

Who says pigs can’t fly…and be sparkly?! It’s the place to be right now. Not only does the Municipal League provide information about candidates and issues, but they also throw a mighty fine election results party, and it’s going on tonight. Find out where that party is going on and take a picture in front of that building spelling vote with your bodies.

Do you know where it was?!  We co-sponsored the Muni League’s results party because we think the work they are doing is awesome! It was at Twist in Belltown which was where we headed after the kick-off. 

All in all, a great way to celebrate Election Day.


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