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Yeah for the flags! November 12, 2010

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Way back when we told you about our first project at Concord International School (

It’s rewarding when we get to see projects come full circle, so when we got this note from our trusted partner at Seattle Public Schools we had to share.

“As I was getting ready today for murals at Lincoln, I suddenly recalled TWO stories I wanted to share with Seattle Works:

A few weeks ago, we had a fabulous Seattle Works Team come to Concord to build the playground. But, because of the torrential rain, we weren’t ready for that so we kept them busy finishing game boards and the big mural (ALMOST ALMOST done!!).


Two lovely SW volunteers kind of shyly asked if I would mind if they added the India flag to the row of flags (I believe the team was predominantly UW students). Of course I didn’t mind, and they spent a couple of hours specially mixing the right colors and Concord now has a beautiful India flag in its row of flags!

Then the next day, when Seattle Dept of Neighborhood reps came to help, and we gathered for a group photo, one of the parents said, please move over so my Turkey flag shows in the photo … she said in a very pleased tone, that she noticed it right away when she was new to the school this fall!

Yeah for the flags!! Yeah for Seattle Works!!!”



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