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And the survey says! November 16, 2010

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Remember when we told you about CityClub’s Community Matters campaign and the facilitated conversations on public trust? (In case you missed it:

High level results from the 24 conversations held throughout our community and more than 1,000 surveys on public trust:

  • Neighbors – people may not know their neighbors at all, but they trust that if there was ever a need to help out, their neighbors would do so.
  • Government – Seattle citizens want to trust their government at all levels, but there was a current of people who thought their government asked for the opinion of the people as a formality, once decisions have already been made.
  • Police – the results can only be described as a juxtapositions; a love/hate relationship. People want to have a relationship with their local police force but feel as though that aspect is lacking.
  • Media – people only trust the types of media that are focused and written on a hyper-local level (i.e., The West Seattle Blog), and most expressed a distrust in newspaper and television news.

More in-depth information on the conversations will be released in the coming months and we’ll be sure to share them with you then!


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