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“Then you do what I like to call thanking or spanking.” November 18, 2010

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Some context: this is in regard to how to interact with members of our legislature (aka the people who make our laws) … excuse me, what?!

Hold please.  Let me explain.

We partnered with a nonpartisan group called Knowledge As Power to bring you a training session on how to become politically involved beyond voting in an election.  Here’s a small portion of what I learned:

Did you know that legislative session in our fine state starts in January?  That means that right now (before session starts) is the second best time of the year to have your voice heard by your elected officials.  Knowledge As Power has all sorts of tips and tricks to help you succeed in contacting your legislative members.  This is important because these VIPs are busy.  They are literally swamped by communications so throw them a bone and follow a few easy steps.  It’s like adding a cherry on top of your civic sundae. 

Now I promised to get back to you about the title of this post.  After you have done your few steps to make your voice heard on an issue (whatever issue you choose), hopefully the bill will make it to the point where it’s voted on.  You’re able to easily track the life of the bill on Knowledge As Power’s website ( and see if the elected official you were in communication with voted the way you wanted them to … now comes the thanking or spanking communication.

These people are human after all. They deserve to be thanked for doing a good job but chances are they won’t go your way every single time, and it’s acceptable to let them know you’re disappointed in their vote (respectfully of course).

Check out Knowledge As Power for more information. Low effort and high impact – yes please.


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