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Congrats, You are the winner of the fat penguin award! November 20, 2010

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Last night we held a thank you event for our Project Coordinators at Still Liquors on Capitol Hill.  We handed out a few tokens of appreciation like the Fat Penguin Award to Omar Ayoub because he really knows how to break the ice … get it? Kelly Dearey received our High Five Award for being the most involved with all things Seattle Works over this last year. Becky Edmonds was bestowed the Bumbershoot Award for coordinating the most outdoor projects and we named Stephanie Schuster On Fire! because she has led the most Hot Projects this year. 

Project Coordinators are the people who make Hot Projects possible. We offer three or four of these projects every week and this year alone we’ve facilitated approximately 7,200 volunteer hours through Hot Projects.

Say hello to impact.

However, that is a lot of projects that need to be led each year.  It’s true that our staff is a scrappy and hard-working crew, but there’s no way we could be at every project.  We rely HEAVILY on our Project Coordinators to take the lead, make volunteers feel welcome and communicate with the project host to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Project Coordinators: you are the reason our Hot Projects are so successful. Thank you.


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