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Warm fuzzies to help keep you warm November 22, 2010

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 **Sigh** the elementary school playground. I have fond memories of my old stomping ground. It’s a place where my second grade boyfriend gave me a bracelet made of metal, where I spent hours hanging upside-down on the monkey bars, where my friends and I pretended to be unicorns trotting around the castle grounds, not to mention a place where a good game of tag (every rendition imaginable) was a daily occurrence. Good times.

Now, thanks to Seattle Works volunteers, parents and neighbors, West Woodland Elementary has a playground that is making memories every day.

Special shout out to Ryan, Shawn, Nick, Staci, Tim and Ryoji for volunteering four hours of your time to help these kiddos out.


One Response to “Warm fuzzies to help keep you warm”

  1. tim Says:

    It was a lot of fun. I hope to find free time again soon so I can do more.

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