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“Seattle has a deficit of sunshine, so I want to energize the city in my own small way” November 30, 2010

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We asked a group of our Project Coordinators to tell us why they are motivated to step up and be a leader for Seattle Works. Here is a smattering of their responses:

– Helping a community makes you feel more a part of it.

– To make a positive change that I can see the results of.

– I am very social oriented. I love hanging out with people going to events and gatherings … what if I could also make it meaningful and help others and feel great about it? Done: Seattle Works creates that perfect setting.

– Catholic guilt (kidding!). It’s fun, purposeful and helps you connect with people and organizations that build and support the city. It helps you think about your purpose in our community as well.

– I love making a difference in my community, learning about local orgs and meeting other people interested in the same things!


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