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21 Fun: Why Seattle Works is a Sure Bet December 8, 2010

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Connected volunteers! Leaders taking action! Inspired community conversations!

You like these things, yes?

You want these things for YOUR community, yes?

Make it happen: Give to Seattle Works!

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p.s. need a little more motivation?

How about this…

21 reasons why Seattle Works is a sure bet.

21. We’re led by a dedicated board of directors who have their eye on the ball, and all 18 of them make personal gifts to Seattle Works every year. They’d be really happy if you joined them.

20. Over 18,000 hours of volunteer service in 2010 (so far) facilitated by yours truly.

19. We offered a new, free event this fall on how to effectively communicate with your elected officials once they are in office. It even included a section on “thanking or spanking”. Oh my.

18. Our organizational vision is “a thriving community of actively engaged individuals.”

17. We just completed our third annual international service trip in partnership with local nonprofit Crooked Trails. Twelve volunteers spent a week building a school in Nepal. Past destinations include Peru and Thailand.

Those are some good reasons. Ready to make a gift?

16. One of our most successful auction items at Swank this year was a round of jello shots. Maybe we just wanted to mention this because it makes us laugh. And maybe we’re mentioning it because it’s an indicator that we have our finger on the pulse, know what motivates our audience and aren’t afraid to have a little fun. Maybe?

15. Feedback from our most recent board training course, The Bridge:

“Made me feel like part of the community.”

“Well done.”

“Very helpful.”


“Thanks for your work and enthusiasm!”


14. We created our 2011.2013 Strategic Plan through a thoughtful volunteer-lead process that engaged our key stakeholders. We listen, and we plan ahead, with our community’s best interest in mind.

13. This Saturday alone we are hosting five volunteer projects, helping out Habitat for Humanity, Downtown Food Bank, Neighborhood House, Phinney Neighborhood Association and Northwest Folklife Festival.

12. We launched a new program this year! Hands On Leadership is an innovative way to solve a real community problem by training volunteer leaders to work with nonprofits to make a sustainable impact.

11. Seattle Works does all our fine work on a budget of less than $450,000 a year. Your gift is no drop in a bucket!

How about now? Are you motivated? We’d be honored to have your support as a donor.

10. Percival, our very own office mascot:


9. Our Weekly Email provides 4,000 people with information on volunteer opportunities and civic events from organizations all across town. Rumor has it it’s kind of funny too.

8. Seattle Works volunteers do so much work with organizations like Northwest Harvest, Foodlifeline and local foodbanks that we were nominated for the Mayor’s End Hunger Award.

7. There’s a method to the madness. Our program strategy is to provide fun, easy accessible community engagement opportunities that help people get going, paired with a clear path to build knowledge, connections, leadership and commitment.

6. Transitional Resources, Powerful Voices, Nature Consortium, Girls on the Run and YPIN are all among the organizations that have gained board members through Seattle Works.

5. Super cute Seattle Works Day tees. How better to say thanks and hurrah for the more than 3,500 hours of service provided in one day?


4. We experienced a building flood and snow this year without missing a beat thanks to smart technology and solid remote working policies. Team members have gotten their jobs done from our workspace, from home, from coffee shops, from Egypt and even from 35,000 feet in air!

3. November’s Team Works projects were dedicated to our local greenspaces. Of the 1000+ people who dug in on Green Seattle Day, 320 were Team Works volunteers!

2. We’re fresh, but we’re not new: 2010 marks 21 years of building community involvement! Talk about a track record.

1. YOU. Seattle Works is a sure bet because we have you: someone willing to invest in their community.


We really are a sure bet. Please support Seattle Works today!

Seattle Works is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, federal tax id #91-1416844


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  1. Seattle Says:

    Thanks for helping my community!

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