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Check out our aces December 9, 2010

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What is an ace?  Someone who is willing to help Seattle Works out with our 21 Fun campaign.  Their goal is to get 10 people to donate $25 to Seattle Works between now and Tues 12/21.  

Get it? 10 + an ace = 21!

In no particular order … our incredible aces:

Adriane Musuneggi – board member, social media committee lead
Brandon Kinports – SW fan
Chelsea Munger – board member
Gillian Murphy – board member
Nick Brown – board member
Nora Robertson – social media committee
Kathleen Goodman – board member
Katie D’Amato – board member
Pierce Hofman – swank guest; bridge grad
Sarah Haeger – board member
Sergey Smirnov – board member; swank committee
Tara Smith – staff
Thomas Buford – Team Works team captain
Rebecca Roy – project coordinator
Ryan Stickney – social media committee
Nick Cullen – Team Works team captain
Norma-Erin Espinosa – Team Works team captain
Katherine Schwarz – social media committee
Austin McNamee – Seattle Works Day participant; bridge grad
Laura Ford – Team Works team captain
Marisa Jenkins – bridge grad; Team Works participant
Corey Christensen – board member
Lorraine Goldberg – Team Works participant, food blogger
Roen Ako – GSBA board member, SW fan
Stephanie Schuster – project coordinator
Ian Stewart – board member
Tiffany Mura – swank attendee
Jiawen Shi – International District PDA
Rochelle Ferguson – Seattle Works Day and Team Works participant
Kathleen Weber – SW AmeriCorps
Kaitlin Bartik – HandsOn Leadership grad, SW volunteer
Jan Burrell – SW staff
Katy Garsi – SW volunteer
Natasha Whittaker – swank committee
Monstrous Root Ball – celebrity root ball
Jody Waits – bridge trainer
Nick Vivion – SW fan
Tony Hutter – Team Works participant, elections committee
Jaxon Ravens – board member
Laura Dempsey – swank volunteer; Team Works participant
Jaci Anderson – social media committee
Holly Wyrwich – Team Works participant
Jay See – swank committee
Megan Coppersmith – SW volunteer; elections committee

Do you want to go all in and join this team of awesome leaders?  You can! It’s fun, easy and makes a huge difference for Seattle Works and your community.

Recognize someone and want to help them reach their goal?


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