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21 reasons team works kicks butt December 18, 2010

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21. Team Works served 120 different organizations in 2010.

20. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people in their early 20s have the lowest volunteer rates in the country (18.8% compared to 31% for people ages 35-54). We balk at that stat! Average age of volunteers in Team Works is 24.

19. We’re all about results. Team Oh So Dirty 30 and Team Sleepless in Seattle sorted 1,240 boxes of crayons, 6,271 pens, 1,909 glue sticks, 687 binders and 2,038 spiral notebooks so that 7,500 students in need could start the school year with the supplies they needed.

18. Team Works volunteers served as the face of Seattle Works to 12 new partner organizations this year, including Downtown Food Bank, Rebuilding Together Seattle, SANCA, Seattle Animal Shelter and Page Ahead. Bonus: Three of our new partner organizations got connected to Seattle Works thanks for a referral from a Team Works volunteer.

17. It’s not all hard work. We play hard too. Celebrations have been held in honor of our volunteers at places like Jillian’s Billiards, King’s Hardware, Amber, The Garage and Piecora’s Pizza.

16. Speaking of fun, our Team Works teams get together outside of volunteering. There have been World Cup viewing parties, happy hours, hiking and even trampoline dodgeball.



15. We trained 71 Team Captains this year, many of whom stayed on to lead more than one round of Team Works.

14. The A Team partnered with HandsOn Leadership project managers to make a real and lasting impact at Hamlin-Robinson School:

13. 2010 = most teams in Seattle Works history! 62 teams, which translates to 614 individuals and over 11,900 hours of service donated to our community.

12. November’s Team Works projects were dedicated to our local greenspaces. Of the 1000+ people who dug in on Green Seattle Day, 320 were Team Works volunteers!

11. Team Works + Seattle Schools = a lasting partnership. Teams volunteered at 10 different schools doing projects like painting, cutting, copying, planting a school garden, landscaping, cleaning and even scrubbing a playground. We’re all about creating a healthy and productive place for students and freeing up the teachers’ time to do what they do best: teach!


Now it’s your turn.

Help us complete the list by telling us one of your favorite things about Team Works.

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