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Work smarter instead of harder. January 18, 2011

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That is one of our new mantras of 2011!

One of the many ways that we’re applying this not-so-new idea is with our Bridge faculty.  We would not be able to offer The Bridge without the help of our volunteer trainers who teach coursework on:

  • Financial and legal responsibilities
  • Governance structures
  • Fundraising and public budgeting
  • Personal reflection
  • Exposure to organizations looking for new board members

In the past we have had a pool of qualified trainers to teach these different sections of the Bridge, and depending on people’s schedules and availability we would coordinate the trainers for a complete Bridge session.  This approach worked well and resulted in wonderful Bridge sessions, but understandably so, each volunteer has schedules, time constraints and workloads that can influence the ability to serve … aka real life happens.

Here comes the work smarter game plan:  To help avoid conflicts and burnout as well as provide more opportunities to engage more people, we are creating a faculty of 3 – 4 trainers per topic to commit to the program each year. The faculty will work together to develop curriculum, powerpoint presentations, activities, etc. on their coursework. This ensures consistent, helpful and engaging content from one training to the next!

Bridge faculty kicked off last week with an orientation session, but it’s not too late to get involved if you’re interested.  Email Tegan ( now though, because work is starting!


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