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Volunteers make the tournament a slammin’ success! February 2, 2011

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“…I could go on and on about how fantastic Seattle Works volunteers are – self-motivated, hardworking, conscientious, eager, etc., etc. I have volunteered and managed volunteers for more years than I care to count, and the caliber of volunteer we have had the good fortune to have referred from Seattle Works is unparalleled in my experience.

It is pure joy for me to work with your volunteers.

© Tony Blazejack/Vecta Photo
Thank you very much for facilitating the two shifts of volunteers to support the quad rugby tournament yesterday. Dagmar and Rebecca were amazing coordinators for their teams and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Each and every volunteer for both shifts – without exception – did an excellent job. Some chose to take on tasks which challenged them, were avid and focused learners, and enthusiastically and accurately completed their jobs – particularly noteworthy in this arena were the table officials: especially the 40-second clock operators David and Derek (morning) and Eric (afternoon) – this is the most difficult job in the tournament, and the timekeepers: Dagmar and Austin (morning) and Kimberly (afternoon) who stopped and started the clock with precision and kept the scoreboard updated.

Courtney and Megan (morning) and Emma and Casey (afternoon) bravely agreed to keep the official score sheet for the games and all the score sheets were 100% perfect!

Renee, Erin (morning) and Derry kept track of penalties incurred by the players – and Derry really had her hands full in the last game with several players committing fouls!

The referees were very impressed with how well the table officials performed – and the players really appreciated their commitment, focus and accuracy! I didn’t hear one complaint – not even a grumble – from a single player about the table! I heard several players coming up to the table after each game to thank the volunteers – I hope they were able to hear those thank yous as they finished their tasks.

John, Stacey (morning), Josh and Nick (afternoon) were excellent videographers, taping the games so the players and coaches can analyze them – over and over! – later. This was most helpful for the Slam – our coach, Brad Mikkelson, lives in Colorado and really needs to see the tape from this tournament so he’ll know how to fine-tune practices before Sectionals.

Note: Nick also helped out at the officials’ table, and offered to stay after his shift to help clean-up. We had another group coming in just to do clean up, but his willingness to pitch in beyond his shift was much appreciated.

The floating volunteers – who took turns helping athletes get snacks, beverages and lunch; keeping the food table stocked and looking nice; and staffing the display/merchandise table – were cheerful, helpful, inventive, and fabulous! Quyen, Kim and Beth (morning) and Rebecca, Nicole and David (afternoon) really supported the athletes, support staff, and fans.

The tournament was a huge success because of the Seattle Works volunteers and the commitment they brought to their participation yesterday.

© Tony Blazejack/Vecta Photo

Thank you on behalf of the Seattle Slam, Portland Pounders, Team BC, and all of the support staff and fans!”

-Wimsey, Team Manager and Tournament Director


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  1. Randi McKenna Says:

    Photos Courtesy of Vecta Photo – © Tony Blazejack/Vecta Photo

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