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Seattle Speaks: Seattle Public Schools February 11, 2011

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Last night we were lucky enough to be a part of a live television program on the state of Seattle Public Schools.  The show was hosted by C.R. Douglas of Seattle Channel and featured:

  • Olga Addae, P resident of Seattle Education Association
  • Lauren McGuire, Interim President of Seattle Council PTSA
  • Kay Smith-Blum, Member of the Seattle School Board
  • Cathy Thompson, Executive Director of Instructional Services, Seattle School District

Many topics were covered and there was no shortage of heated dialogue from parents, teachers and concerned community members.  Tough questions were thrown to the panel and they did not shy away. The focus was mostly on the district’s strategic plan and towards the end there was conversation about the new teachers contract that was recently approved.

We started the night out with this audience poll:

They re-polled the live audience and the online audience in the middle of the show, and then again at the end.  Folks were definitely changing their minds after hearing more about the strategic plan and the 2010 report card, but not all in one direction.  In other words, it’s not like the discussion swayed everyone’s mind to be in favor or to be against the strategic plan. 

Thank you to CityClub, Seattle Channel and Town Hall for putting on this excellent event.  I highly recommend watching the program and learning more about what is happening with our public schools.  Viewing times and video can be found here:


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