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All you can eat pancakes! February 12, 2011

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Have you heard of Hiawatha Community Center?  It’s over in West Seattle and they create community through people, parks and programs.

Back in October a group of volunteers helped them out with running carnival games, giving out prizes, decorating, setup and break down of games.  The volunteer support allowed them to accommodate over 500 people for an evening full of fun with their community!


Last weekend another group of volunteers went out to the Hiawatha Community Center and supported their all you can eat pancake breakfast fundraiser.  The funds raised from the event went toward families so they can participate in sports.  Without this fundraiser, several of those families might have missed out on the chance to participate in local sports. Volunteers helped with all aspects of the event from serving, stocking, setup, breakdown, upkeep, prepping and greeting.


From what I hear, the pancakes were delish.

PS – thanks Sam for sharing your photos with us!


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