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Looking for our secret admirer February 15, 2011

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Somebody sent us a valentine!  It’s so great, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Featured in The Stranger’s Reader Valentines it says:

I ❤ U Seattle Works

It’s been over 3 years and we’re still together, longer than me and any girlfriend ever. We’ve done some amazing stuff together and I heart you for it

Seriously, we aren’t making this up!

Lucky for us, our AmeriCorps gal Kathleen was thoroughly reading through the listings looking for the one that was meant for her, and stumbled upon the message for us.

We ❤ you too, secret admirer.  Your message is pinned on our bulletin board, and will forever be pinned to our hearts.


One Response to “Looking for our secret admirer”

  1. biju.m Says:

    Oh SW…you’re so saucy!

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