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Sign up for Team Works and see for yourself what everyone is talking about! March 26, 2011

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A new round of Team Works is kicking off a week from today! 

Now is your chance to sign up for a team like Happy Hour Helpers, Helping Hands or Lovin’ Servin’ Seattle and get in on the action. Here are some of the things that our project hosts have said about Team Works teams:

  • “This is Kat from Missing Pet Partnership. The work party you sent to help us last weekend was completely awesome! We accomplished so much work that it nearly made me cry!”
  • “Please let your volunteers know how much we appreciate their enthusiasm and hard work.   I was amazed at how much got done.  It was great to be able to take the harvest over to the food bank.  Fresh local greens are rare in winter!  I appreciated how flexible everyone was about changing tasks and doing the seeds.  That was also a big help.  For me it is such a pleasure to see a group of young people getting together and having fun while doing something meaningful. ” – Aviva from Community Harvest of SW Seattle
  • “Thanks Seattle Works volunteers for helping out on Feb 22nd!  Your contribution to Justice Works! is invaluable.  I appreciate your helping hands and your smiling faces.  Your work at the Thrift Store helps to keep our organization up and running.  Thanks again!”
  • “The Team Works team was great!  Our program staff was wowed by the group’s enthusiasm and hard work, and we are ever so grateful to have a bright, happy, clean space now to prepare wholesome and nutritious meals for our kids.  I guess the theme of the group was people who are new to the area, so it was a great opportunity for us to welcome them to Seattle and introduce them to the many programs and activities we offer.  Actually, we always really love working with your teams, so thanks for sending them our way!” – Phinney Neighborhood Association
Pretty amazing. Join a team and they could be bragging about you! 

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