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A new fence for Lettuce Link! March 29, 2011

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HandsOn Leadership is a program that starts off as a training class, forms small teams of dedicated volunteers and results in serious impact with (and for) a community partner.  Say hello to another successful HandsOn Leadership project!

A team of four volunteers, Amy, Ethan, Emily, and Genevieve, first learned all about project management, community engagement, project development and team building before setting out to plan and find resources for their fence building project. 


Lettuce Link is a program run by our partners at Solid Ground.  It creates access to fresh, nutritious and organic food, seed and gardening information for families with lower incomes in Seattle.  When finished, the site in Rainier Valley will not only provide space for a neighborhood garden, but also serve as a community gathering space complete with picnic tables, and learning opportunities for children.  The fence was a crucial step in completing the space, providing protection for the space from cars and pedestrians that often tread on the land. 

Before building, the team then attended a community meeting (complete with an interpreter because of the Rainier Valley’s language diversity) to gather feedback and keep them informed of their plans to install a new fence and shed at the Lettuce Link farm there.  They asked members of the neighborhood to join them in volunteering, and then chose weekend dates in March for the fence building. 

This past weekend, the team had their first project of the build and the turnout was inspiring.  Looking around, there were three different work parties going on, many people from the community pitching in to improve their neighborhood.  Amy said, “When you look around, it’s amazing how much volunteerism there is right in this little section of land.  It’s 360 degrees of volunteering.”


The team took the lesson of neighboring and used it perfectly!  We can’t wait to see the finished product.

HandsOn Leadership is ready for you. Are you ready to do something?


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