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What Kind of Philanthropist are you? June 2, 2011

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United Way of King County joined us at the Seattle Works Day AfterParty and did this super cool and clever survey so that people could find out what kind of philanthropist they were.

Didn’t get a chance to do it during Seattle Works Day?  Don’t worry, there’s an online version:

Check out the results from our crew last weekend:

“Thanks for visiting theUnited WayofKingCounty booth at the Seattle Works Day after party. It was great to meet so many people volunteering their Saturday to make our community better.

Interesting stats about Seattle Works Day volunteers

  • 77 volunteers took the quiz at the after party.
  • The least common was the visionary/ ring leader. There was only 1!
  • The majority of participants were networkers and cheerleaders with 15 each.
  • We had 11 visionaries and 12 ring leaders
  • 24 volunteers were a combination of two types of philanthropists.

A little bit about each philanthropists’ profile

Networker: You always, “know someone.” Whether a friend needs a new drycleaner or a new job, your mental rolodex is the supreme matchmaker. When it comes to giving back, your social network comes out in force. Whether recruiting volunteers for a park clean up or to donate to your friend’s cancer walk, when you get involved, the goal is sure to be met.

Visionary: More than most, you see the big picture. You like to address root causes and look for long term solutions to complex issues. When giving back, you are more interested in supporting a coalition of organizations who are working together to address a major issue in your community. You are especially excited about creating models that can be duplicated in other places.

Cheerleader: Your support is more than high kicks and high fives. Whether your friend is asking for donations for their favorite cause or trying to rally a group of volunteers, they always know they can count on you. You don’t feel like you need to be leading the charge, but you are an essential part of any successful project.

Ring Leader: Like Jack Bauer, your favorite word is, “now!” When you see a need, you are the first to organize a group, make a plan, execute the plan and celebrate your achievement with your team. Whether your project lasts a year or a day, you are eager to see it from start to finish and enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor.

Enjoyed Seattle Works Day? You might also like Day of Caring! Day of Caring is the largest single day of volunteering in Washington State, with over 10,000 volunteers participating last year! This year it’s on Friday, September 16th. For more info click here.”

Thank you United Way of King County for joining us at the AfterParty, and for sharing these awesome results! 


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