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New Summer Intern June 23, 2011

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Hey everyone, my name is Claire and I’ll be joining Seattle Works as a DukeEngage intern for the summer! I’m currently an undergraduate at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, where I just finished my sophomore year. I’m double majoring in History and Public Policy Studies. Alongside 14 other Duke students, I’ll be spending the summer in Seattle to work in the community. I’m joining the Seattle Works team where I’m excited about getting involved!

I didn’t want to waste my summer at home so decided to apply for the DukeEngage program, where Duke undergraduates go through an application process to embark on different community outreach projects across the US and various international locations. I decided upon Seattle; I have never visited the city before so it sounded like a great opportunity! I’ll be here for 8 weeks doing various tasks for Seattle Works. As I enter the second half of my college experience I’ve started thinking more about what I want to do once I graduate, so I really hope that this summer will help me explore the non-profit realm so I can see how everything works and decide if it is something I want to become involved in.

Other things about me: I was born in London and have lived in Beaconsfield, a town about 30 minutes away from the city, my whole life. Being from the UK I’m pretty used to the rain and, as such, I love the weather in Seattle. I also don’t drink coffee, which is kind of weird. At Duke I spend a fair amount of my time in the library (sad, but true) but otherwise I work part-time on campus, and I enjoy going to cafés, spin class, baking and mint tea. My favorite color is lime green. I look forward to meeting everyone!


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