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This Just In – Another Emerging Leader Matched to a Board! June 24, 2011

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Not long ago we featured Le Ann Langston, a graduate of the Fall 2010 Bridge session, who has been serving on the Northwest Girls Coalition (NWGC) board. We are pleased to announce that we just got word of another connection made – Stacy Oda, a recent grad of our April 2011 training, was elected this week to the board of The School of Acrobatic and New Circus Arts (SANCA).

Read more about what they do here:

Congratulations Stacy!

It’s great to hear success stories where Bridge participants can be matched to a board. The Bridge provides a great opportunity for those interested to learn about joining a board, as well as why it is so important to have a diverse group of individuals willing to serve. This article by Jeff Marcoux, Beyond ‘Doing Good’ – Benefits for Young Professionals of Sitting on a Non-Profit Board, highlights some important information to those who would ask the question: Why should I join a non-profit board? He mentions the numerous networking possibilities, and how connections made on a non-profit board can even lead to opportunities in the for-profit world. If you’re interested in exploring what being on a non-profit board could do for you, it’s definitely worth a read!

If you would like to hear more information about The Bridge and non-profit boards, or to get on the email list for future trainings, please contact Tegan Hollen (


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