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Empire State Of Mind July 8, 2011

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Over the past couple of days, I’ve been watching the Millennial Donor Summit, to get the inside scoop on people like us. Who are we? What do we like doing? What are our relationships like?

Well, we are the most ethnically diverse group of ANY generation before us. We are becoming the most educated generation in history. We are always “plugged in” to our technology. And, perhaps surprisingly, we value marriage and parenthood above career and financial success. We like to give our time to helping others rather than our money. But we still give – and it’s helping.

What is your dancing like? Wait… what did you say? Well, here’s the funny thing that I also learned: social media for Millennials is like a dance party. Confused? Ok, let me explain. Matt Briton, a Millennial marketing expert, came up with this great analogy. For those of us who connect to others through social media, we need to be the DJ of the party. You need to understand the tone of the room. Who are your wallflowers? Who is dancing? Who is sitting at the bar? You have to make sure the music never stops! When people are at a party and the music stops, people start to leave. The cadence of the party needs to be consistent. Because that’s a huge part of what Millennials value: consistency. We need to entertain the right audience, and make sure that what we are offering is consistent with what our supporters want, and what our brand values.

Finally, what about our reputation? We seem to get a bad rep – after all, it is the 21st century – who even has free time anymore?

Well, you might be surprised – you do. And a lot of it.

Did you know that, as Americans, we watch 2 billion YouTube videos, play 24 million hours of solitaire, and spend 388 million hours on Facebook EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Let’s put that in perspective: it took 7 million hours (540 days) to build the Empire State Building in New York. 7 million hours of human energy. With just the amount of time we spend on Facebook every day, we could literally build 55 Empire State Buildings every day.

Now we’re not saying that’s something you should try, or that we even need 55 new Empire State Buildings every day… but next time you think of checking your Facebook page at work, or watching that YouTube video, maybe you could think about signing up for a HOT Project? Or making a donation to a non-profit? Or maybe researching volunteer opportunities in your area?

Be inspired. Make change. And who knows? There may be some free ice-cream waiting for you..


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