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Beer View Mirrors at the Community Orchard of West Seattle July 21, 2011

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Beer View Mirrors, one of our awesome Team Works groups, kicked off their volunteering at the Community Orchard of West Seattle. The Orchard aims to be a source of free fruit for the neighbors in their community as well as being a source for local food security programs. The Orchard is also used for agricultural education information as well as being a site for community gathering. Despite the rain, the team got stuck in and broke off into small groups. One group build a plant bed next to a large storage container as the heat from the storage container would help the plants to grow, especially in the colder weather. The second group built bamboo trellises in the garden so that eventually beans could be planted on them. The last group got to plant more flowers in the garden area.


They got on with their work so efficiently that they even finished early! The team have been celebrating in true Seattle Works style too. The picture on the left shows the team hangout at Talarico’s and the picture on the right shows the Beer View Mirrors at a trivia night – here at Seattle Works we always encourage a little friendly rivalry, especially when Trivia is involved!


Check out more stuff that Beer View Mirrors are doing at their blog! It can be found here:

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  1. Thank you! We love what we do!

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