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Candidate Survivor: featuring Tim Burgess rapping, foil swans and tough political questions July 29, 2011

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Ohhhh wow I did not see this one coming.  I had heard that Candidate Survivor was a cool event, but it was SO much more.  In case you were not among the 500+ people at Neumos, here are two recaps from Candidate Survivor.  Go ahead and join the cool kids club who know which City Council candidates have skinny dipped in Lake Washington, as well as which ones support the tunnel and paid sick leave.

Seattlest Recap – featuring Jean Godden’s lesson on safe sexting:

Photo recap from the Washington Bus: OHMYGODITWASAMAZING:


Best part of the event – it was hilarious, there were real answers to tough questions and I left feeling better prepared to cast my vote in the August 16th Primary Election.  To that we say: Rock on Bus. We like the way you roll!



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