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We love getting packages! August 31, 2011

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Especially when they’re from another country!

Maybe you’ve noticed that our blog has been rocking out the last few months.  It’s because of our DukeEngage intern Claire who was with us for eight weeks.

Over the summer she worked on many things, including Swank auction item procurement, our Cheers to the Primary! event and best of all putting together our ice cream party! Yum. We said thank you and goodbye with a little fro yo and some sunshine at Green Lake:

And to our surprise, she sent a thank you package to Seattle Works filled with things you can only get in London.

We had this conversation about “different” junk food, and specifically about the good stuff that isn’t available here in the states.  Let me tell you, the Prawn Cocktail flavored potato chips are not what you’d think.  Don’t judge too quickly – they’re Claire’s favorite.

Thank you Claire! For spending your time with Seattle Works this summer, and for all that you’ve contributed to our office and to our community.


Rosehedge Multifaith Works makes us a video! August 29, 2011

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And dang if it’s not the cutest thing you have EVER seen!

Thank you to the team of volunteers that spent their sunny Saturday at the DeWolfe House.  You. Are. Awesome.


Paint, Hula Hoops, Sack Races and more with Team Works August 24, 2011

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Nothing like spending your Saturday doing something for others.


Today’s cuteness comes from team Mr. Miyaji’s Juju who was at WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) and they helped them set up and play games for their annual Kid’s Day at Woodland Park.  WACAP provides life-changing aid and adoption services to orphans and other children who need families.

The thank you letter sent to the volunteers from WACAP:

All kinds of adorable!  Thank you WACAP for partnering with us – we’re so glad to have been able to help out at Kids Day.

What is Team Works you say? And how can I get in on this cuteness?  It’s a program we offer that allows you to volunteer with the same team of 15 people one Saturday a month, for four months in a row.  Projects are held at different organizations so that teams can get a feel for the different opportunities and nonprofits that exist in our community.  Good stuff.  Next round will open in September!


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream, For Ice Cream… August 12, 2011

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Vanilla, Snickerdoodle, Coconut mint chip… decisions, decisions.

On Wednesday we rallied at Gas Works Park to celebrate and give thanks to everyone who volunteered with us (HOT Projects and Teamworks), took the Bridge, and those who served on different Seattle Works committees over the summer months.

We had over 50 different volunteer projects this summer, so we teamed up with Bluebird Ice Cream (our Capitol Hill neighbors) to give delicious treats out to everyone. We had ladderball set up, a croquet course, and there was a pretty intense game of bananagrams – still not really sure who won that…

This was our way to thank all of you for coming out and spending your time with us this summer. Seattle Works couldn’t survive without all of the volunteer hours that are put in by all of our participants. Even if you couldn’t make it this time, let it be known that:

a.) You rock!
b.) We hope to see you at some of our awesome Fall programming.

This ice-cream party also coincided with the end of my term at Seattle Works. I’m sad to leave as I’ve had a great time in Seattle; working at Seattle Works this summer has been a great experience and I’ve learned so much about how to get involved with my own community. I’ve met some amazing people along the way, from the Seattle Works staff to the volunteers who I’ve worked with – thanks for being so welcoming and sharing with me some of your Seattle wisdom!

I’m heading back home to England tomorrow, and then in a couple of weeks I’ll be back in Durham, North Carolina to start my Junior Year at Duke University. I won’t be in Seattle for a while, but I’ll be sure to keep updated on everything that’s happening out here.

Seattle – it’s been a blast!


Keep It Coming, Seattle August 11, 2011

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The Points of Light Institute, and its volunteer affiliate, the Hands on Network, want to inspire individuals, and show them how to create change in their communities. They have found that despite economic woes across the globe, in the US this year 62.8 million people came together to make an impact where they live. The value of this commitment in monetary terms is $173 billion dollars – volunteers are matching the difference created by cuts in government spending and fewer resources with their own time and efforts.

Teens are showing high volunteering levels, an important effect that relates to service learning in high schools and colleges, more volunteer opportunities available online and thus more easily accessible to teens, and the volunteer efforts of their parents that are making an impact on them!

Seattle did particularly well in the national standings. Served by Seattle Works (us!) and United Way of King County Volunteer Center, we ranked as 4th best ‘large’ city in the US with a 33.9 volunteer percentage. Seattle has been chosen as an innovation hub for the Hands on Network, meaning the city will be a learning ground for different types of engagement and leadership.

For more information: Volunteering In America

To see the results from Seattle: Seattle Volunteering


Spotlight on Hot Projects!

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This past weekend, a group of Seattle Works volunteers headed to Gossett Place, an apartment complex in the UDistrict, to help out the LIHI (Low Income Housing Institute) prepare apartments, as new residents were moving in imminently!

We were greeted by Tony, one of the site co-ordinators at Gossett Place, who prepared us by giving us a brief overview of the project. This particular complex would house homeless youth, couples and veterans.
The construction and interiors of each apartment were all complete – all that we needed to do was furnish the apartments. We unwrapped kitchenware (pots, pans, plates, silverware), cleaning supplies, bedding and pillows, and bathroom items (such as shower curtains). From the alarm clocks to the tooth brush holders, we worked in teams to unwrap the items, all generously donated, to outfit each apartment and make them feel more like “home”.

Preparing the apartments went surprisingly quickly, probably aided by the various IPhones and Blackberries that provided musical entertainment. Our volunteer session ended at 2pm and we were pleased to discover that in only 4 hours our group had completed 20 different apartments, over 3 different floors.

Checking the sign on each door after finishing an apartment was oh-so-satisfying, as we knew that a new person or couple would be able to move in.

Thanks to LIHI for having us – we certainly had a blast and were happy to help out! We look forward to hearing about how the project is going and future projects that LIHI has coming up!


Orchard Revamp! August 10, 2011

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At Seattle Works we love eating delicious blackberries just as much as the next person, but the problems start when blackberry thickets overgrow and become difficult to work with. Many of our Hot Projects involve working outdoors with fruit, vegetabls and overgrown plants, and now we overhear good things are happening at the Dr José Rizal Park, near Beacon Hill.

Volunteers from Seattle Works, Microsoft, EarthCorps, the Filipino-America community and many other local schools and colleges came together to cut back the blackberry thickets so that there could be access to the community orcahrd that was set up in the park, by City Fruit, a local non-profit that works in different neighborhoods to help local tree owners grow healthy fruit, harvest their crop, use it and distribute excess to others. The growth of the orchard means that more apple trees, blackberries and even a walnut tree have begun to flourish.

Check out this link for more information on the project: Community Orchard at Dr. José Rizal Park