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Did I hear you say.. after-party? August 2, 2011

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Over at Seattle Works we still haven’t quite recovered from Jean ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Sext Drunk’ Godden and Tim ‘Khalifa’ Burgess’ talents from Candidate Survivor… but what might help us is if we get our hands on some more voter knowledge!

That’s why our Seattle Works Elections Season programing is officially kicking off this Thursday at 6pm. We will be co-sponsoring City Club’s ‘The Viaduct Referendum – What is it really about?‘ event at the downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library in the Microsoft Auditorium.

Where do you stand on this issue? Approve? Reject? Unsure? What the what? What tunnel? (Hopefully not..)

Wherever you stand, don’t fret. For many of us, the facts about the tunnel are blurry and we want all of our Seattle Works friends to be as informed as possible before they cast their ballot! So come along, bring your friends, and learn more about one of the most important issues on our ballot.

You will get to hear from Tim Eyman, Senator Adam Kline, Kate Joncas, and Councilmember Mike O’Brien about their views on what is happening. There are sure to be some lively debates and discussions that you don’t want to miss! Register here –
City Club Registration

But that’s not all….

Join Seattle Works for the **after-party**!! Even if you are unable to come to the City Club event, join us after work at Fado’s downtown (1st and Columbia) from 7.30pm onwards for our ‘Cheers to the Primary!’ event. After the library event we will be heading over there to mix and mingle – panelists from the forum have been invited so this could be your chance to ask any of those lingering questions you might still have!

Oh… and did I mention happy hour priced drinks? And free appetizers? It’s a big deal.

So join us! Head on downtown this Thursday and join us as we gear up to kick-off the elections season! Check it out on Facebook here: Cheers to the Primary!

Stay posted for more elections events coming your way…




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