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Keep It Coming, Seattle August 11, 2011

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The Points of Light Institute, and its volunteer affiliate, the Hands on Network, want to inspire individuals, and show them how to create change in their communities. They have found that despite economic woes across the globe, in the US this year 62.8 million people came together to make an impact where they live. The value of this commitment in monetary terms is $173 billion dollars – volunteers are matching the difference created by cuts in government spending and fewer resources with their own time and efforts.

Teens are showing high volunteering levels, an important effect that relates to service learning in high schools and colleges, more volunteer opportunities available online and thus more easily accessible to teens, and the volunteer efforts of their parents that are making an impact on them!

Seattle did particularly well in the national standings. Served by Seattle Works (us!) and United Way of King County Volunteer Center, we ranked as 4th best ‘large’ city in the US with a 33.9 volunteer percentage. Seattle has been chosen as an innovation hub for the Hands on Network, meaning the city will be a learning ground for different types of engagement and leadership.

For more information: Volunteering In America

To see the results from Seattle: Seattle Volunteering


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