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Spotlight on Hot Projects! August 11, 2011

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This past weekend, a group of Seattle Works volunteers headed to Gossett Place, an apartment complex in the UDistrict, to help out the LIHI (Low Income Housing Institute) prepare apartments, as new residents were moving in imminently!

We were greeted by Tony, one of the site co-ordinators at Gossett Place, who prepared us by giving us a brief overview of the project. This particular complex would house homeless youth, couples and veterans.
The construction and interiors of each apartment were all complete – all that we needed to do was furnish the apartments. We unwrapped kitchenware (pots, pans, plates, silverware), cleaning supplies, bedding and pillows, and bathroom items (such as shower curtains). From the alarm clocks to the tooth brush holders, we worked in teams to unwrap the items, all generously donated, to outfit each apartment and make them feel more like “home”.

Preparing the apartments went surprisingly quickly, probably aided by the various IPhones and Blackberries that provided musical entertainment. Our volunteer session ended at 2pm and we were pleased to discover that in only 4 hours our group had completed 20 different apartments, over 3 different floors.

Checking the sign on each door after finishing an apartment was oh-so-satisfying, as we knew that a new person or couple would be able to move in.

Thanks to LIHI for having us – we certainly had a blast and were happy to help out! We look forward to hearing about how the project is going and future projects that LIHI has coming up!


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