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We love getting packages! August 31, 2011

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Especially when they’re from another country!

Maybe you’ve noticed that our blog has been rocking out the last few months.  It’s because of our DukeEngage intern Claire who was with us for eight weeks.

Over the summer she worked on many things, including Swank auction item procurement, our Cheers to the Primary! event and best of all putting together our ice cream party! Yum. We said thank you and goodbye with a little fro yo and some sunshine at Green Lake:

And to our surprise, she sent a thank you package to Seattle Works filled with things you can only get in London.

We had this conversation about “different” junk food, and specifically about the good stuff that isn’t available here in the states.  Let me tell you, the Prawn Cocktail flavored potato chips are not what you’d think.  Don’t judge too quickly – they’re Claire’s favorite.

Thank you Claire! For spending your time with Seattle Works this summer, and for all that you’ve contributed to our office and to our community.


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