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Meet Austin – a Bridge grad! September 19, 2011

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In November 2010, Seattle Works introduced me to a variety of board service opportunities through the Bridge. I had served on the founding board of directors for DeafACT, inc. in Texas, but I wasn’t sure how to get engaged in the Seattle community since moving here over two years ago.

Eager to jump into volunteer service after completing the Bridge, I soon joined the Social Venture Partners (SVP) Seattle as a partner donor. I was captivated by SVP’s mission of bringing philanthropic leaders together to strengthen local nonprofits through capacity building. SVP empowers other nonprofits to develop a solid infrastructure in areas such as legal, HR, and IT. This approach, designed to accelerate system-wide social change, appealed to me because I could contribute my skills to and also learn from the capacity building process.

After volunteering for an SVP grant selection committee, planning and co-presenting at the spring partner meeting, and attending a Collective Impact conference, I was excited to get even more involved. My passion for the people and the organization has continued to grow, and I was pleasantly surprised when a current board member asked me 7 months later to consider joining the board.

As I explored the opportunity, I remembered what the Bridge taught me about questions I should ask myself and the other board members before making a final decision. After meeting with two of the current board members, I was sold, and I’m excited to join SVP Seattle’s board!

SVP’s board is a great fit for me because I can learn from experienced board members while also bringing a fresh voice to the board as a relatively new partner donor and young professional. I look forward to developing my skills by contributing to the finance and outreach board committees. Now I can directly apply what I learned about nonprofit finance in the Bridge.

Congratulations Austin! We’re so glad you found the right fit.

Looking to step up your community leadership? We have a Bridge training course starting this week and if you hurry you can have one of the open spots!


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