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We won an Innovation Award! Hooray Us! September 22, 2011

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I know it’s tacky to toot your own horn, but every now and again don’t you think it’s appropriate?  We’re just so proud and honored.

Seattle Works has been named one of ten national Innovation Hubs by HandsOn Network, on the basis of our strong organizational leadership and proven track record as a volunteer connector and a source of new community leaders. Hot damn!

“Innovation Hubs will be learning labs for community engagement,” said Amy Smith, president of HandsOn Network. “These HandsOn Action Centers will be supported to drive innovation, build strong leadership and be ready to advance the mission of HandsOn through newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Read more about what this award means for Seattle Works! Innovation Hub Press Release (pdf)

We’re celebrating this awesomeness at Swank this year – so grab your tickets and join us!


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