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What makes planning fun? Post-its, red dots and Gaga! November 17, 2011

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It was all hands on deck this week, which for Seattle Works means three full -time AmeriCorps team members (Jenna, Page and Ellen), two full-time staff (Tara and Bevin) and two part-time staff (Tyler and Andy) and for a 12 month planning session.

We call it the Great Calendaring Session of 2012 and it happens with background beats from Gaga.


Everyone is responsible for identifying their own programs, events, meetings, grant deadlines, what have you dates on post-its and then placing them on the ginormous calendar sheets.  Once that happens we looks at the year quarter by quarter as a team and see how the dates overlap/intersect.  It was seriously the most productive two-hour discussion we’ve ever had around our calendar!

You might be asking yourself, “Why should l care about your calendar?” Because it’s going to make hanging out with Seattle Works easier on you!  Team Works rounds will be kicking off consistently, year after year in the same months, we’ll have one training course, either The Bridge or HandsOn Leadership, offered every month (for the first six months of the year) and major events like Seattle Works Day is already set (mark your calendars – Sat 5/19/12).  Plus we’ll be publishing all these dates for you at the beginning of the year in case you’re a planner.

You. are. welcome.


A Poker Face Lady Gaga herself would be jealous of November 14, 2011

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For those of you that were at Swank, you may remember one of the items up for bid was a seat to play at a Poker Tournament hosted by our very own Tara Smith and her husband, Ahmed “H” Amin.  Here is the recap of the very successful night!

“Before I get to the poker action I’d like to thank Mike for donating the Four Seasons portion of the prize and for returning to defend his title and offering a bounty on his own head. Also thanks to all the player dealers who did all the hard work of actually running the game.

We started with 3 tables, the first casualty came right before the dinner break with many heads rolling soon after the break. By level 10 we were already down to our “November Nine” shown above. Congratulations to all our november niners who each walked away with a bottle of wine to acknowledge their achievement.

Three players deserve particular mention for a dazzling display of poker skill. Defending champ David, made quite a run at defending his title, tantalizing players with a $200 cash bounty that many tried and failed to claim. He was eventually undone in a very respectable third place by Jeff.

Jeff, the early tournament chip leader, had hung in with a shorter stack at the final table making his move in a quick succession of hands that allowed him to claim the $200 bounty and a chance to take on the chip leader heads up for the title. Experience (and a little luck) finally won out however, as an old poker hand finally claimed the top prize.

Congratulations Supriya, our 2011 Poker Champion! He wins a luxury trip to Las Vegas for two. Hope to see you all again next year.



Board Speed Dating! November 11, 2011

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This week, a small group of interested Bridge graduates and nonprofit partners gathered to do some speed dating – board matching style.  Here’s how it works:  Once you’ve taken The Bridge, if you’re interested in having Seattle Works help you find an organization where you can serve (and that fits your interests and skills), we will!  We host events like Board Speed Dating where organizations that are looking for qualified new board members will come and spend an hour with you!


We had Northwest Girls Coalition, North Helpline, Many Lights, and Safe Futures there to chat about their organizations, current needs (and challenges), board commitments and what specific role the Bridge grads could play if they were interested in the organization.

We have another Board Speed Dating event coming up on Wed 1/11 for anyone who has taken The Bridge. If you’re interested in joining us, drop Page a line:

And if you haven’t taken The Bridge yet, check it out:


Friends of Mt Baker Ridge Viewpoint thank their Team Works team! November 10, 2011

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Team “After This, Happy Hour” lends their hands (and Saturday morning) to the Friends of Mt Baker Ridge Viewpoint

“Thanks again for the fantastic effort you and your team put in at the Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint Park.  The place looks amazing, all cleaned up and ready for some new plantings, which the neighbors will put in over the next several weeks.  I can’t tell you how much it means to the neighbor group that tries to keep up with the place to have the assistance of Seattle Works when we need a big push, and it’s awesome that you and your group are offering your <kill, kill, kill> skills to the Seattle public at large.

I had a blast chatting and working side-by-side with everyone.  Please pass along my thanks to your team.”

Ken, Friends of Mt Baker Ridge Viewpoint park steward

Do you want to join a team like this?  There’s still time, a round of Team Works has their first project this Saturday. Join a team!


Team Works starts with projects this Saturday November 9, 2011

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Don’t just take our word for how awesome Team Works is.


There’s still time to join a team and make it one of the best things you do.

More info:


Meet Eric! A Bridge grad who learned how to connect his skills with his passion! November 7, 2011

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Eric Laliberte

Bridge Grad: Summer 2010

Organization: People for Puget Sound

I enrolled in Law School at the University of Washington with visions of sharpening my skills and learning a new way of thinking to apply in service of the community that I grew up in. However, after spending the majority of my first year stowed-away in the library basement with only my books for company, I felt burned out and disconnected from the world outside of my casebooks.

I desperately wanted to find a new opportunity, outside of the law school walls, that matched my values and could serve as a counterweight to my solitary and often isolating legal studies. Unfortunately, I didn’t even know where to start, until, while surfing the internet looking for opportunities to serve, I stumbled upon Seattle Works and The Bridge board training program.

The Bridge provided me with the perfect opportunity to connect my skills with my passions. First, the learning sessions offered not only a chance to learn the skills necessary for serving as an effective board member, but also presented a glimpse into the types of board structures and cultures that we were likely to encounter. Just as important, the Bridge offered a chance to meet with local organizations that were searching for new board members.

During the “speed dating” session at the close of the program, I was reintroduced to People for Puget Sound, an organization that I had volunteered with in high school and continued to admire. I met with many great organizations during the program, but I really “clicked” with the board members from People for Puget Sound. The organizations mission also fit perfectly with my values and passion for the Sound. Following the Bridge, I stayed in touch with the board members that I met from People for Puget Sound, and when I was asked to join the board, I immediately accepted.

Serving on the board of People for Puget Sound has been nothing short of amazing. At the very first meeting, I felt valued as a contributor to the organization, which is, in no small part, because of the tools the Bridge provided me during the training sessions. Now entering my second year on the board, I am leading the organization’s efforts to engage the next generation of conservationists and couldn’t be happier with my experience. Law School remains a grind, and my days are now busier than they have ever been, but my life is richer and more in line with my values because of the privilege of serving on the People for Puget Sound board.

If any readers share my passion for protecting Puget Sound, I invite you to come learn about People for Puget Sound’s new young-professionals board at a happy hour social on Thursday, November 17th at 5:00pm at the Bookstore Bar on 1st and Madison.


Sound like the kind of action you want to take? Sign up for The Bridge course! Next one starts Sat 11/12: 


Or if you are a Bridge success story, we’d love to feature you! Contact: