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A Poker Face Lady Gaga herself would be jealous of November 14, 2011

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For those of you that were at Swank, you may remember one of the items up for bid was a seat to play at a Poker Tournament hosted by our very own Tara Smith and her husband, Ahmed “H” Amin.  Here is the recap of the very successful night!

“Before I get to the poker action I’d like to thank Mike for donating the Four Seasons portion of the prize and for returning to defend his title and offering a bounty on his own head. Also thanks to all the player dealers who did all the hard work of actually running the game.

We started with 3 tables, the first casualty came right before the dinner break with many heads rolling soon after the break. By level 10 we were already down to our “November Nine” shown above. Congratulations to all our november niners who each walked away with a bottle of wine to acknowledge their achievement.

Three players deserve particular mention for a dazzling display of poker skill. Defending champ David, made quite a run at defending his title, tantalizing players with a $200 cash bounty that many tried and failed to claim. He was eventually undone in a very respectable third place by Jeff.

Jeff, the early tournament chip leader, had hung in with a shorter stack at the final table making his move in a quick succession of hands that allowed him to claim the $200 bounty and a chance to take on the chip leader heads up for the title. Experience (and a little luck) finally won out however, as an old poker hand finally claimed the top prize.

Congratulations Supriya, our 2011 Poker Champion! He wins a luxury trip to Las Vegas for two. Hope to see you all again next year.



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