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Can’t Fight this Feeling Any Longer December 7, 2011

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We have to share some of the comments that have come in from donors and Rock Stars during our annual campaign. They are too cute to keep to ourselves:


-Keep up the good work.

-Let the games begin!

-Love your organization!

-Nick is an amazing young man and I trust his judgement completely when he tells me that Seattle Works is a great cause and he believes in their work.

-Rochelle is my new daughter-in-law. I’m very proud of hte work she does and her community involvement!

-Seattle Works Rocks! 🙂

-Thanks Seattle Works, for all you do!

-Volunteerism rocks

-Way to go Frank! hope all is well


-You’re awesome, Thomas. Good work!

-Dear Seattle Works – Thank you for introducing me to my wife!

-For Nymeria and Daenerys – without Seattle Works I would not have these kitties!

-Go Jaxon! You are a rockstar and Seattle Works rocks!

-go panda!

-happy to give!

-happy to support this local cause!

-I miss you, Seattle Works!

-Keep doing good things!

-Keep up the awesome work!


You warm our hearts, inspire us and are a constant reminder of why Seattle Works is vital for our community. If you want to contribute to us – we’d love to have your support, and we’ll feature your fun comments on another blog post next week.

Give as little or as much as you are able and we promise to put it to good use.  Plus, make a sweet badge and tell the work how much you rock on facebook or twitter!


PS – thank you REO Speedwagon for the spot on song (and blog post) title.


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